Businesses We Help

IT/Media companies

IT/Media companies have specific challenges that need to be addressed in their books.  A large majority of these companies are entitled to Media Credits like SR&ED and OIDMTC. Knowing this we can adjust your bookkeeping procedures to make the process easier to file these Tax Credit, saving you time and energy for your projects.


Engineers and Architects incur in endless expenses in favor of their clients/projects.  Keeping a system that relates the costs to the projects is of extreme importance. If you don’t have a good system you may end paying expenses and not being reimbursed. We have a great deal of experience dealing with this issue and successfully manage several Architects/Engineering Accounts.

Travel Agencies

Most Travel Agencies keep funds in Trust Accounts as directed by TICO. They need to reconcile the Trust Accounts monthly to make sure they have sufficient funds to give back to their clients if something happens and the trip doesn’t happen. This is challenging because there are always clients traveling and clients buying in future trips.

Retail Industry

Service providers (From Art Dealers to Garden Services)